Rowan and Megan at FarmFair Exhibition, November 2017.

Lionwood Rowan de la Mer, RID


Rowan is my heart horse. Rowan was bred by Liz Freeman, who is now back in Ireland standing Rowan's half brother, Lionwoods Kinsale Lad, at Ainnin House.


After flitting around North America, Rowan came to us from Fourwinds Farm, N.S. And we have loved her ever since! 

Rowan was to be our foundation mare, but is proving challenging to get in foal! That's okay, we are persistent and she is definiely worth the effort. 

Cait (5 years old) and Megan (10 years old) at Pony Club! Such an honest mare! We love their matching expressions in the rain...! Summer 2018

DKH Counting Stars, IDSH


"Cait" is a 2013 Irish Draught Sporthorse (TIH) mare out of Glimmer Please, a palomino Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred mare and by RID stallion Jaunty Star, who has been awarded Silver Merit in eventing.

Cait is well started undersaddle and a straightforward uncomplicated ride. Jumping is certainly in her wheelhouse and even as a young 5 year old, was entrusted with packing Megan and I over fences at pony club...nothing too big or exciting for her but certainly exciting for me!

Cait will come back into work as her 2019 foal ("Bow" by RID stallion In Shining Armour...a stunning stud colt!) matures and will head for training and to the show ring in the winter of 2019/20 with the talented young woman, Kolina Crowe. 

Missy...lady in waiting! 1 week before the delivery of her 2019 foal, SuperNova (above)

DKH Mystical Star, IDSH


"Missy" is a 2007 Irish Draught Sporthorse (TIH) mare out of a Jockey Club Thoroughbred mare and by RID stallion Jaunty Star. 

With her tippy in Irish ears always engagingly forward and focused on her people, Missy is easily endearing herself to the family! She stepped in to immediately take over the lead mare role in the herd and doesn't tolerate much non-sense! Her herd experience is benefiting all the LilyWing horses...and people!

Missy came to us in March 2019 from our friends at PFT Pony Power and is a half sister to our IDSH mare "Cait" and to our 2019 foal, Holly. She has evented in the past and we are excitedly planning for her 2020 foal. Missy will be gently started back undersaddle in the winter of 2019/20 and the plan is she will be Megan's next pony club mount. Time will tell if she earns that privilege and in the meantime, we are really enjoying getting to know this personable and easy to handle mare.

Missy and 2019 foal SuperNova (above

Nichole and Cadbury (below)

January 2019

Cadbury Baby, TB 


Cadbury Baby is a 17hh dark bay Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred mare. Cadbury came to LilyWing on a breeding lease from Jody Dersch and will be available in September 2019 after weaning LilyWing's Star Eyed Holly. She was lightly raced, so is "track broke" and ready for her next career once she weans her 2019 filly foal, Holly.

Cadbury is Rob's favorite. Well really, we all love Cadbury. She is impossible not to love, following us around the paddock, standing quietly for scratches and quiet words. She has passed on her kind, people loving nature to Holly and is a fabulous momma. Huge thanks to Jody for entrusting her to our care this past year. 

Daisy May - An honourable mention!


Megan wants to tell you all about Daisy and all that she can do. Which is everything! Our one eyed wonder pony, a Connemara cross, really can do and has done everything! Mounted games, cross country, hacking, jumpers, roping, chasing cows, clinics, lessons, lead line, dressage (well...not really her strong suit!) and more, this pony is irreplacable. As of this writing, she is more senior than we care to admit, and none of us can imagine not having Daisy here! She is our go-to, bombproof (if there was such a thing!) baby sitter or our go-to-work fire breathing dragon. We have only to ask, and she more than delivers. Another shining example of Irish blood and Daisy's influence will sure to be seen as Connemara breedings are in our future!


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