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Welcome to LilyWing! A small family run farm where our dreams are coming true! Horses, dogs and country life, does it get better?! 

LilyWing is home to our small herd of Irish Draught horses; 4 Labrador Retrievers Chuck, Molly, Judith and Chili (the trio is chocolate, one black and a yellow...well 2 yellows for good measure!); two cats, J.C. and Fat Jack! 

Nichole is a Registered Veterinary Technologist (RVT) working in a variety of roles in the Alberta veterinary community including as an educator, completing project work and as a practicing RVT in a local mixed animal veterinary practice and has a history of volunteerism supporting animal health through the veterinary community. LilyWing Farm is her next adventure with the support of her family, Rob, Ryan and Megan!

Predominantly a recreational rider and dog owner, Nichole enjoys seeing other succeed with their horses and dogs! That is one of the two guiding goals behind LilyWing's breeding plans...supporting and encouraging others. The second, is to contribute to the purebred Irish Draught and Lab population, consistent with breed standards. We value outside and objective judgement on our stock to help us make sound decisions for the long term. Rowan, is a registered and inspected (by the Irish Draught Society of North America) Irish Draught mare and Molly, who achieved her CKC Championship (predominantly owner handled, I might add!) are our foundation stock. Cait and Missy are scheduled for inspection in 2019. We are SO excited for their future progeny! 

We hope to help other people live their best life with one (or more?!) four legged LilyWing partners. Tour around, and when you have questions, please drop us a line or plan a visit. 

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Barrhead, Alberta, Canada


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Events & Announcements
February 1, 2020

LilyWing Sunshine Inspired debuts at Evelyn Kenny Kennel and Obdience Club in Calgary, AB. She is entered in a Baby Puppy class and Baby Puppy Sweeps. We are looking forward to a fun outing!

November 10-21, 2022

Irish Draught Horse Society of Canada 2022 Stallion Auction

We are actively planning our spring breedings and excited to support the Society via this auction! If have you been considering breeding for your own ISH, check it out! HUGE THANKS to all the generous stallion owners!! 

April 30, 2023
2023 Horse Trials & Events

Max foals a big pretty purebred Irish Draught filly! Happy birth day "Ziggy", LilyWings All Zephra!

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We are planning on attending the following clinics, horse trials and events this season with some of our Irish Draught horses! And somewhere in there have another foal!

May 13/14: AHTA High Performance Clinic with Leohna Rowland @ Alhambra, Red Deer

May 20/21: Leah Breakey Cross Country Clinic @ Rocky Mountain House

May 28/29: Minds Eye Horse Trials

June 3/4: Beaumont Horse Trials

June 23/24: Cochrane Horse Trials

July 17-23: Rebecca Farms Horse Trial, Montana

2023 Horse Trials & Events
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