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So you're getting a puppy?! Here's what you need!

Congratulations on your new addition...even if it isn't a LilyWing puppy! Puppies are exciting, fun, cute....and a lot of work! Here are some things to help make the first few weeks easier!

Royal Canin has a great site for new puppy owners also! Check it out with our list below. RC Preparing For Your Puppy's Arrival

Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy Food


LilyWing Labrador puppies go home with a 6lb bag of Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy food to get you started at home. I recommend keeping this food for the first 2 weeks minimum while they settle in! If you transition to another food, slowly mix the new food over 3-5 days to avoid digestive upset. Alternate recommendation: Purina ProPlan Performance 30/20 Salmon and Rice

Flat Buckle Collar 9-14 inches and Leash


Your puppy will need a collar and leash to stay safely with you while you get to know each other. Avoid choke chains, thin collars, prong collars..stick with a flat collar while they are learning! Aim for a 6-8 foot leash. I am not a fan of extendi-leashes...but to each their own.

Kennel 24"x16" (hard sided or wire)


A kennel/crate is a SO VERY HELPFUL in the first few weeks! They help keep your puppy (and your things!) safely confined if you have to be away. Ensure you train your puppy to be calm and comfortable in it's crate. A 24" crate might be a bit big for an 8 week old puppy, but check that your puppy can stand, turn around and lay down. Too big and they may go to the bathroom in it, too small and they won't settle.   

Food & Water Bowls


I recommend weighted/heavier bowls, at least for drinking! Your puppy may want to play and pick up there bowl...ask me how I know! A good alternative can be an aluminum bowl with a large rock inside!

Other Helpful Items

  • X Pen to confine the puppy to an area of the house if they are not supervised. This helps with house training

  • Baby gate - same as confine puppy to an area of the house, or block off starirs to avoid falls

  • Chew safe toys - Kong (medium size) (they can be stuffed with banana for extended fun!)

  • Chewies - my favorites are beef based (avoid chicken and pig ears) like CET Chews or bully sticks. These really help with mental stimulation and appropriate outlet for their natural chew needs. Avoid anters once adult teeth have begun to come in...and I am not a fan of bones either to be honest! Teeth repair is expensive!

  • Puppy fav is EpiSoothe; whatever you choose, rince well avoiding eyes and ears! You can also see our article on Grooming


  • Treats - my favorites are dried liver or Zuk's. Think little and low calorie! You can also use their food as treats...Labs are happy with anything!

  • Paper Towel...a lot of paper towel...there will be accidents

  • Floor and/or carpet cleaner like Bissell Pet Oxy Stain Remover (love!!)

  • Poop bags for out walking

  • A flashlight...for those night time pees outside! Or a fun glow in the dark collar to not lose your puppy!


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