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Irish Draughts

It's hard to put into words all that we love about our Irish Draught and Irish Draught Sporthorses...this impressive and threatened breed...but I'll give it a try! 

The way our Irish Draughts make us feel is what we love about them. Strong, confident, secure. Inspired, challenged and....optimistic. Their athleticism and versatility makes them a great choice for people looking for an all round partner. Soundness of mind and of hoof, Irish Draughts serve their people with a ready-to-go anywhere attitude. Rising to the challenge of a show, or chilling on the trail, Irish Draughts are bred to work for their people. 

We are excited for our horses to play a role in other riders development and adventures. Whether you are looking for competitive success in the show ring or for a soul refreshing hack on the trail, an Irish Draught is a great partner!


But don't just take our word for it, visit any (or all!) of the breed specific pages listed below for more information about Irish Draughts (ID), Irish Draught Sporthorses (IDSH = ID x ) and Traditional Irish Horses (ID x TB or Connemara).


And when you are ready, contact us for a visit or visit our Available page to see if we have your next partner! If we don't, we may know another reputable breeder who does or can talk with you about a custom breeding opportunity. The Irish Draught community is small in Canada and North America and we can happily connect you with another breeder to find your own ID! 

Our Mares


Rowan (RID), Cait (IDSH) and now Missy (IDSH) make up our small Irish broodmare band. Rowan and Cait are also riding horses that Megan and I share for recreational riding. Neither of us are very competitive and when we go out and about, it is equally about setting a riding goal and socializing! Dressage, jumping, hunters, trails, pony club, clinics...we like to dabble and our IDs are always game for whatever we put them to.


Our hope is to produce foals to match with talented and committed riders of all disciplines. Visit our Mares page!

We did not breed any mares this year with the uncertainy of Covid-19, therefore will not have any foals available in 2021. BUT, we are already planning for some exciting breedings in 2021 for the arrival of foals in 2022!!

Links for More ID Breed Info


Here are some sites that you might visit as you learn more about Irish Draughts, their history, form and function. 

ID, RID, IDSH, TIH...what's in a name?!


Here is a quick (and simplified!) look at common names for Irish Draughts and their offspring, depending on breeding.

  • ID = Irish Draught

  • RID = Registered purebred Irish Draught; reserved for horses who "passed" inspection under the old inspection system

  • IDSH = Irish Draught Sporthorse; any horse containing at least 1/8th of Irish Draught 

  • TIH = Irish Draught x with either Thoroughbred or Connemara

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