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LilyWings Flying Solo, 2022 Colt SOLD

Solo has landed in the most wonderful home! We are excited to have him close and watch him develop! Congratulations Teshia, Matt and Audrey!

On May 4th, 2022 we welcomed the arrival of DKH Mystical Star, "Missy"'s foal!

She delivered a large, strong, lively colt at a very respectable 9:25 am! I was lucky enough to be present and help her in her last few pushes. 

LilyWing's Flying Solo, "Solo" is a full brother to LilyWings Raighne Titan, who at 2 years old is over 16 hh with stunning prescence, movement and a willing personality. Solo is CERTAIN to follow in his steps. He is stunning and pics don't do him justice! 

10 days.jpg
soloA may 31.jpg
1 week.jpg

Expected to mature at 17 hh, full sibling Titan is almost 17 hh at 2 years old!

Solo May 31 4 weeks.jpg
10 daysA.jpg
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