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Fourwinds Moor Treasured "Libby"

Congratulations Carra, Danny and Jennifer on acquiring Libby! You've found your perfect partner in equine excellence, welcome to the family!

"Libby" was bred at Fourwinds Farm, NS and born at LilyWing Farm in July 2020. She is our first home born purebred Irish Draught and as such, is a special girl! Libby is confident, well handled, well travelled, outgoing and LOVES her people. She is like a giant dog with a willing to please temperament, three balanced efficient gaits and a beautiful soft eye. Libby represents a combined effort of North American breeders, dedicated to the preservation of Irish Draughts and diverse bloodlines. She will excel as a hunt horse, eventer, dressage partner or versatile mount for a amateur. Libby is expected to mature at or above 16.1 hh.

Libby was awarded Class 1 approval by Horse Sport Ireland inspectors through the Irish Draught Horse Society of Canada in early October 2023 (video below). She received lovely remarks from the judges overall, even though she is not at maturity. It was an excellent learning opportunity to have inspectors comment on her dam, Maybelle AND Libby at the same inspection! Maybelle, already Class 1, was awarded Bronze Merit for athleticism for her jump chute efforts on the day. Thank you to Charlotte and Andrew, for their time, kindness and knowledge as we work towards excellence in this breed.

Libby's dam, All Maybelle, came to LilyWing already in foal to Moorpark Image and as such, she carries the Fourwinds farm prefix. Maybelle foaled and that summer was started undersaddle with her teen partner taking the reins in her ongoing development after only 20 light rides. Maybelle is THE DEFINITION of safe, sensible and game to turn a hoof to any adventure that comes her way. Libby is already proving EXACTLY the same! Libby is ready to get started on her formal education and should be ready to begin serious undersaddle education next year as a 4 year old in whatever discipline her new owner pursues. 

Libby's sire, Moorpark Image is a Class 1 Irish Draught stallion that has a successful background in dressage. We are forever grateful to Katharine Locke of Fourwinds Farm for trusting us to continue on this important legacy. 

Libby's dam, All Maybelle, is a Class 1 Irish Draught and currently eventing up to PreTraining/EV90 with her teen partner. Maybelle herself is by the Gold Merit in dressage AND Silver Merit in show jumping Class 1 Irish Draught stallion Lionwood Linsales Lad, who until last year stood in Ireland at Ainninn House. His passing was a loss to the worldwide herd and we hope to continue to honor him through Maybelle. 

We have a strong desire to see Libby in a home that will develop her and consider using her to contribute to the Irish Draught North American herd in the future. She is a wonderful pedigree that would suit most of our NA stallions as a full outcross to most. 

Congratulations to Carra, Danny and Jennifer in acquiring Libby! She will travel to her new family in spring 2024. Welcome to the family and we are excited to work with you in possible future breeding opportunities!


Style, grace and pedigree...she's a gem already!

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