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Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are well known for their intelligence, adaptibility and gentleness. They make wonderful family companions, happiest participating in family events and being with their people.


In 1988, my first Lab, Crocker, came into my life. I remember being elated, smitten and oh so excited to bring home our first puppy! Northern Dancer (aka Crocker) was from a well known kennel in Calgary, Alberta and he was my most treasured companion through the turbulence of my teenage years. He was the best and I was hooked!

Our goal is to breed the highest quality Labradors, consistent with the Canadian Kennel Club standard, as versatile family members. Whether you are looking for a pet, a show dog, an adventuring partner, a hunting companion or a friend to dabble in canine sports (rally, agility, swimming and more!) a quality Lab from LilyWing will fit the bill! 

Labralayne's Chuck


I have long admired my friend Alayne's dogs. We volunteered together in a past life (pre children!) and we were so pleased to be able to add one of her chocolate Labs to our family in November 2013. Chuck has settled deep in our hearts and is one of the best dogs! (Spoiler...we think each of our family members is the best!)


Alayne is the kind of breeder we are striving to be and is a fabulous mentor on our new breeding adventure! Looking for a Lab? We highly recommend checking out Labralyne also!  

For more breed information


We encourage prospective puppy owners to do their research before coming to meet a LilyWing puppy! Here are some great starting points and we are happy to talk dogs anytime!

CKC Labrador Retriever-Choosing a Dog

Labrador Retriever Club of Canada

Labrador Retriever Club of Alberta

meal time.jpg
CKC Champion Labralayne's Molly


Molly achieved her CKC Conformation Championship with an exciting Sporting Group win (owner handled to boot!) at the Red Deer and District Kennel Club Show under judge Mr. Del Richards in April 2019 (pictured top right, courtesy of Tripdog Photography).

Ever the retriever, Molly loves to carry things around the house and often helps with "deliveries"...keys, socks, shoes, jump cups (pictured below right)...whatever we ask her to bring!

Huge thanks to Labralyne for entrusting Molly to us, mentoring us when we decided to venture forth into the dog showing world and answering my endless questions! Alayne encouraged us to join the Labrador Retriever Club of Alberta, and they have been a welcoming group, cheering us on and giving us tips to improve at each show. 

We are looking forward to trying obedience, rally or hunt tests to find "her thing". From farm to show ring was a lot to ask but I am so glad Molly and I got to learn together. Many thanks to Trudy Taphorne of Tamaron Collies, for her coaching along the way. Molly even performed well with Megan in some Jr. Handling Classes! (pictured right, courtesy of TripDog Photography)

Her health clearances include:

  • Eyes CERF normal (November 2018)

  • Heart OFA Ultrasound Clear by Dr. Braz-Ruivo (March 2018)

  • OFA Hips Good (January 2019)

  • Elbows OFA Normal (January 2019)

LilyWing Puppies

We breed and produce puppies to improve Labs and offer wonderful family pets. We have only one or two litters a year and puppies are whelped and raised in our home.  As such, there is currently wait for a LilyWing puppy. 


Visit our LilyWing Puppies page for more details! 

But be careful...we know you will be as smitten as we are! 

Our breeding goals


As we start this new adventure with our loved companions, our family set some goals to help guide our decisions in training, breeding and showing. We set three key long term goals:

#1 Our Labs are for fun and companionship and will remain that way! They are first and foremost part of our family, so their well being is top of list important to us.

#2 Honor the CKC standard and the dedication of our breeding partner kennels to strive to produce puppies better than their parents. We want other families to have the same joy and pride in their versatile pets that we do.

#3 Function and form are equal. This is definitely a long term goal as we learn more about and begin exploring dog sports including obedience, utility, rally, hunt tests and maybe even agility!

Questions or want to come visit?!


You can reach Nichole at
Call or text 780.233.0472
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